CBT Australia - CBT Training & Workshops

CBT Australia offers opportunities to train with international therapists of the highest calibre in the field.  CBT Australia has strong links to the pioneering Albert Ellis Institute and the Beck Institute in the USA.  CBT Australia's local trainers are experienced clinicians in their own rite, adding the dimension of their rich case experience to the presentations and training.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Australia places a strong emphasis on learning through doing. Small group supervision enables participants to practice their skills, receive individual feedback and observe therapy modelled by trainers.  Therapy training with CBT Australia is an active experience.

CBT Australia offers the following Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training Courses in locations throughout Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: The CBT Australia Training & Resources Office will be closed from 14th December 2018 to 7th January 2019. The website and Training email address will not be monitored during this time.

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

In this 4 Day Training Course, participants will develop a thorough theoretical understanding of cognitive behaviour therapy and the skills specific to this mode of therapy.

A qualification in a health or 'helping' profession (e.g. counselling, social work, teaching) is the usual  prerequisite, although holders of degrees such as Bachelor of Psychological Science, Criminology or similar, will also be eligible to participate in our training.

Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

Participants in the Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 4 Day Workshop will be able to qualify for the Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Participants need to communicate that they would also like this certificate well before the course begins so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Advanced

This 4 Day Workshop will focus on advanced CBT skills. The program will address issues related to CBT with a range of challenging clients. This workshop is for participants who have completed the Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children and Adolescents

During this 4 Day Interactive Training Program, participants will be introduced to cognitive behavioural techniques and strategies for working with children and adolescents.